Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Break

So I'm getting off of Spring Break, but it was a great time. I figure Monday is as good a day as any to let you guys know what all I've been up to, I guess. I got a job working as a freelance writer at my town's newspaper, getting paid a dollar for every column-inch I write! It's not a ton of cash, but it's easy money for writing!

I hung out with my two best friends friends a couple times this weekend and we did a bit of a different smoking setup (that involved me having what I imagine a bad acid trip feels like o.O), and they brought a friend of theirs along both times. I've seen her before but we've never hung out, and I dare say, I've taken a strong fancy to her, to say the least! She's extremely beautiful, and easily one of the coolest girls I've met. She smokes like a chimney (lol) but I can deal with that. We'll see how it goes! Kind of tough to keep in contact not having her number and her barely using facebook, however.

About 2 more weeks until the Social Distortion concert I'm going to with one of my two best friends. He's even getting us on the guest-list so we can skip the whole damned line (maybe backstage pass too?) That's going to be bloody amazing. Did I mention THE TOADIES are playing, as well? Yes, THE TOADIES are opening for them. I'm stoked just by THAT.


  1. Good for you. Well I have to find some part-time job for myself. Yeah, and chill a bit this weekend too :D

  2. Awesome with the job, and glad you had a fun spring break.

  3. I hope you get to chat with that girl some more!

  4. glad you had a great break and good that you're getting some paid writing under your belt...