Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowy Trivia

So we got our first snowfall of the whole winter the night before this past one! Several schools in the area closed, but ours, which is actually quite notorious on the local news for not calling off school for severe weather and some questionable administrative choices, followed their normal procedure. I can't blame them though, the roads really weren't bad enough to warrant a snow day, but our senior class won't have to make up snow days for some reason, so I'm game for any snowday! Despite there being *maybe* an inch or so of snow, it packs quite well. I think I made the most perfectly formed snowballs I've ever crafted waiting to ambush my dad after taking him to pick up his truck he was having work done on. Everybody put your thoughts to making sure this doesn't happen on January 27th, however. I don't want attendance to my band's show cut because of some stupid weather!

I'll be at a Trivia Night to benefit our local Rotary Club tonight with my parents, a couple of their friends and friends of said friends, and one of my friends (The same one who I'm going to have help with my Mayoral campaign :P) Wish us luck! I'll report back with how it went!


  1. Schools closed? I don't think a school in Australia has ever closed due to weather conditions :(

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  2. I'm quite envious of your snowy weather -- it's been pretty slim out here in the west.

  3. Yea, I was thinking we'd never get snow! I love a good heavy snow (as long as school's cancelled :P)