Sunday, January 8, 2012


So, as I'm sure you all have gathered, I'm an extremely politically minded person for my age. Well, one of my not so dumbed down friends, a couple other friends, and I all went laser tagging (Yes, again! I scored 1st, 1st, 11th, and 1st in our four games, out of 40 or 50 people :D) Well, afterwards, we started on one of those crazy idea conversations that are always so fun to have... It eventually went on into some basic number crunching and brainstorming when we went back to one of our friend's house for a couple hours.

I'm hoping to get an acceptance and a decent scholarship from the University of Southern California (In Los Angeles). Yes, California's politics might conflict with my viewpoints, but I'm all for trying out new and different places in hopes of building up fun life experiences. As a musician, LA looks like a decent place (Might be cut-throat, but could be an exciting time). I would have gone with UT-Austin (MASSIVE live music scene in Austin Texas), but my guidance counselor (Known as the worst counselor you could *ever* be graced with throughout our school, even by the teachers) seems to have screwed up on getting school forms in on time.

Anyways, I digress. We decided that if I go to Los Angeles, we would organize a Mayor campaign with him as my Deputy Mayor to be appointed! Of course, I would be running on a Libertarian leaning platform (With strong funding to the police department, medical services, and education but slashes to less important sectors)

Oh, and free bacon day... and free ice cream day, of course. One day per year, the city government would pay for a large but limited amount of bacon for all legal residents. Another day, the government would pay for a very large (and again limited) amount of ice cream for all legal residents! People vote for me would be given 2 free strips of bacon as a sign of good faith and thanks. This of course would be a first come first serve basis. Buying a few strips of bacon for half the population of LA, we discovered, would be *ridiculously* expensive. You can do the math, with about 4,000,000 people there.

Obviously, we would purchase a double-decker bus for our campaign. Our logo would be a bacon strip with our website branded into it. Rather than 'waste' money on Television, print, and internet advertising, we would harness social networks... and the underground... to spread our message. Templates would be provided for 'artists' to spread the word! :P Yard signs, Bumper stickers, etc would be sold to recoup costs. For only 9,000 dollars total, we could hire aerial advertising (aircraft carrying large advertisement banners) to fly the city for an hour of every week, throughout four months of campaigning. Flyers would be distributed *everywhere*.

We would hope for donations from people who support the bacon cause through our website to fund most of the campaign. With our campaign only costing a total 100,000 dollars (Half that if we were to cut out the need for 5 campaign workers to assist us and a building to provide a base of operations), we figured we could maybe even draw a net income!

Obviously I'm being silly with this, but I figured I'd share the fun I had this evening in designing the best campaign ever (WHO could pass up free bacon and icecream, with a campaign only costing 50k?!) I figure I've had a bit too many pessimistic posts here, and was due for a light hearted one!

In all seriousness, I'm thinking I should run for mayor after I'm done with college and financially established... Even better, run in my tiny home town and almost be assured a win! Anybody else ever toyed with this concept? Any other ideas for things that would make me an * irresistible* candidate?


  1. I was planning on applying to USC, but I was too lazy to apply and get an interview down. Bummer, it's pretty cool too.

  2. I'm not American. How good is USC?

  3. It's rank 23 in the US, and 46th in the world by two credible rating systems.If you're a sports person unlike me, they're rank 3 in NCAA teams for total championships of all time, and 2nd for individual championships

  4. I like your bus idea. I would join you if you decide it! Keep us posted! ;)

  5. I like the idea of socialized baconcare.

  6. Campaigning on a bacon and ice cream platform is certainly something that many people will agree with and support, I'd imagine.

  7. Last time me and my two brothers went laser tagging we set the all time high score by sitting in a corner and letting my older brother shoot both me and my little brother :P

  8. Alex: Indeed!
    BranDorn: Oh... You are THOSE guys, eh? :P I can't do well unless I'm sprinting all over the place nonstop and ours claims to be the largest indoor one in the country or midwest, not sure which