Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's working! It's working!

Well this morning, I accidentally woke up a bit late and was marked an excused absence and stayed home, as I was "sick". ;D I spent most of the day working on putting the finishing touches on a 17 page paper that's due tomorrow and studying for a physics test. I think both of them should go pretty well. Wish me luck there!

Despite the fact that, as my readers know, I was told Nobody cares about that politics crap a couple weeks ago in regards to SOPA, the blackout has caused virtually everybody that I know in my school to at least acknowledge SOPA, and many are posting the Google petition page. Feels good! Several supporters of the bill, and one of the original cosponsors have dropped support. They pushed voting back once again to February under pressure. The Blackout seems to have been too much for the bastards. They don't want the vote to go ahead while this pressure is so heavy. Let's hope that pressure keeps up over the coming month and this crappy law does not pass. Don't forget, however, that these guys aren't saints if they strike down SOPA. Almost all of them voted for legalizing indefinite detention of US Citizens at Obama's beckoning on New Years Eve... But so far, IT'S WORKING! IT'S WOOOOORKIIINNNNGGG! (To quote the worst Star Wars film, if you can even call it Star Wars!)

I found a recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara (I really dig cooking but can never find good stuff to make!) and whipped some up. It didn't turn out too bad, but I think I screwed up the sauce. Is the egg *supposed* to not undergo cooking? We'll see if I'm hurling my guts out tomorrow!

I haven't had any of my lengthly narrative stories to post, as nothing major has really happened to me, for better or worse. I'll be laser tagging (AGAIN! This time my lunch table organized it) on Friday, and going to a show of several local bands (all filled with immature jealous people :P) for a little bit on Saturday. The immature jealous environment could make for an interesting evening. Next friday, my band will be playing our 4 hour show at our local American Legion! Expect a fun-filled update there!


  1. Ah nothing like the old playing sick method. Works every time.

  2. Great to hear that almost everyone is talking about it now.

  3. It even made it on to the new over here in the UK so i guess it went as planned :)

  4. physics test. blah, I would be "sick" too. haha. and eating raw eggs wont hurt you, least when I have raw cookie dough/ cake batter I turn out just fine.

  5. Atley: Raw cookie dough is MY THING! I didn't spew my guts out, we're all good!
    NayNay: Indeed :D
    InfinitePlans: It is great :D
    Chris: I didn't even have to play sick. I normally have a couple off days per year
    Casper: Glad it's going so well worldwide!