Monday, January 16, 2012

Around the World... Or Not

First off, I'm finally reaching the point where I'm feeling pretty comfortable that I can get through 4 hours of material for my band's show successfully (Although I'll probably need a few reminder notes here and there on chord progressions!)

Anyways, time to tie ourselves into the title. This evening, I was taken back to July and August of 2011. A few months prior to that, I had been planning a roadtrip to Los Angeles for a few weeks over the summer with friends down Route 66. I wanted to take a few weeks off from life and experience a whole new world. One where I was free to travel at any pace I wanted, where I was free to do whatever I wanted within legal limits, and most importantly, where I could begin seeing and experiencing hundreds of new situations. I really don't know how to word this, but those of us who have had wanderlust know exactly what this is. My words did no justice to wanderlust, but it can't be explained... Only felt. Well, my Mom decided to put the dampers on this. She is usually very liberal with letting me do things, but decided that this could be legally grey and that she simply didn't want me doing it.

Well, in July, I had a new idea. I had a dream. A goal. Something I wanted to do with my life. Not just a plan of action like I have now (Go to college and hope that I enjoy training in journalism, otherwise I'm S.O.L.), but a goal to work towards that would basically fulfill what I feel I want out of life at this time. I wanted to travel the world. I spent weeks, maybe even a month, doing as intensive of research as I could. Between my summer job I had and this dream, almost all of my time was preoccupied. Every night, I fell asleep to dreams of seeing the ends of the Earth. When life got tough and I would have normally had a straight-up breakdown, I just had to remember what I was working for.

Hours of research helped me prepare a budget of about 10,000 dollars (Plus several thousand of extra spending money) to spend between six and 12 months travelling around the world seeing China, Thailand, Bali, India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Between my job I had at the time, several thousand I had in savings, and the hopes of getting a job during the school year, I began to see my dream for my life taking a tangible form. I prepared my case for my mother. I would defer enrollment at college for one year (You gain admittance, just wait one extra year). I would seize what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the world and discover my true self. It would help me actually find what I wanted to spend my life doing, rather than blindly choosing journalism. I would learn about diversity, tolerance, understanding other cultures, adventure, fun, myself, etc. Well... I presented my case over dinner one evening...

At which point she exploded on me and thus began a lengthy argument with her accusing me of being hostile while I timidly (You haven't seen timid til you've seen me argue my case with somebody that's not my age) tried to present the benefits. Eventually, she simply told me no, and that if I went, she would never support me fiscally again. A month of dreaming for the experience that would change me for a lifetime went down the tubes. From this point on, the only goal I've had is booking small-time gigs for my cover band. Every now and again I'll consider getting a passport, subtly deferring enrollment, and preparing my trip until I realize that in my despair following the crushing, I never did find a job. At this point, it would be virtually impossible for me to ever reach the funds needed.

Well, tonight, a good friend of mine (Coincidentally, the one who went to trivia night) were talking, and this topic came up. The fire has been re-lit. If I could simply acquire enough money to fund it (and he could as well), I would hop on a plane this summer (Maybe with him as a travelling companion), throwing caution to the wind on the homefront, and seeing the world before I die and I'm still at an able-bodied age, as I've always dreamed of doing. I imagine my mom would come around to the idea and take me back eventually...

But alas, 10,000 dollars doesn't just simply land in your lap, whether it would fulfill your life or not. So, here I sit blogging another evening rather than preparing to relax on a beach in Bali, or see the great pyramids, or... I should stop before I sadden myself to death.


  1. Good Luck with the show!
    And I've had about the same experience with my parents, it sucks so bad. :/

  2. Just find ways to get money. Hopefully legally so u dont risk losing your chance completely. But keep that dream close to your heart. Just dont hope too much and make sure u enjoy each day of your life. Good luck with that! i have the same dream. I wanna visit Paris though :)

  3. I remember I had 10,000 dollars in my bank account before I bought my house. I thought about withdrawing it all and traveling the world but I couldn't fit it in my schedule...

  4. I'll see if I can make the money, but I doubt it'll happen at this point :( Maybe I'll take a gap during college if it doesn't work out