Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: My Money's on One HELL of a Year

Well, my New Years festivities consisted of me spending time with my Dad and two of his friends sampling some beers I haven't gotten the chance to try before, and sharpening up my Euchre game (Which is getting up to a decent level, if I may say so myself!) I arrived home kind of disappointed I didn't have any of my *own* friends to spend New Years with, but hey, it was fun none the less.

Unfortunately, the evening seems to have gotten crazy in a less than positive way on the political front. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 was passed late at night by President Obama from his vacation in Hawaii. He said he had "serious reservations" about signing the bill due to the indefinite detention section, when Senators have taken the floor stating President Obama his self in fact requested that protection of US Citizens from this be dropped from the bill. If you have not been following the development of this, I'll briefly summarize the controversy.

Every year, the government passes the NDAA to prescribe funding to the different branches of the Military. This year, things got a bit suspicious. Section 1031 and 1032 specifically allow the *indefinite* detention, WITHOUT TRIAL, of anybody who is even *SUSPECTED* of being a terrorist, or somebody who supports Al Qaeda. Given the government's numerous definition of "terrorist", this could be used to crack down on OWS protesters, those of us who disagree with the mainstream political agenda, dissenters, etc. Sub-section (e) of Section 1031 seems to protect US Citizens from indefinite detention, but the ACLU, lawyers, and numerous Senators and Representatives believe this is not the case, and this bill could theoretically be used to detain US Citizens indefinitely. Several of the opposing senators to this bill have even taken the floor stating that Obama *demanded* indefinite detention of US Citizens be included in the act (I watched the video from C-Span myself). This could easily lead to a police state that cracks down on any dissenters and throws them into FEMA or military camps forever. The question is, will they use it this way? Only time will tell. I bet they might if the world continues on the path it's following.

In other news, some crazy stuff went down with the OWS movement and the police, once again. First off, I IN FACT was watching a live broadcast (Justincast) by Justin Pool when this occurred. Somewhere around maybe 2 AM EST (Not sure on exact time), police cornered off a mass of people who were marching towards Zuccotti Park and arrested them all. Some protesters, including the broadcaster, were able to bypass this capture and join another group. About an hour later, police on scooters seemed to be escorting the group. As the group reached an intersection, Paddy-Wagons, more scooters, and dozens of police arrived. They surrounded the marchers on the sidewalk with officers and scooters. They informed them that they were blocking the Sidewalk (By walking on it?) and that they *MUST* disperse. They pointed them in the direction to disperse towards. As people then followed orders and headed this way, police officers arrested dozens of the completely non-violent protesters who followed police orders without dissent. They forcefully shoved out the live broadcaster. As they were rounding up the protesters with seemingly no justification, they saw an Observer for the National Lawyers' Guild talking on his cell-phone just outside the encirclement. Several officers sprinted towards him, yelling "DROP THE PHONE", "GET OFF THE PHONE", tackled him to the hood of a nearby car, handcuffed him, and shoved him into the Paddy Wagon.

Strange things were afoot in New York. I'm hoping this isn't the beginning of the repercussions of NDAA 2012. Had you been watching the feed live, you too would have been completely *Disgusted*, watching US Citizens being trapped and arrested for following police orders. Welcome to the Police States of America

I think the last stand of the people is coming soon. If we don't take back our country now, they will likely have unbelievable power over us, making any resistance impossible. We can hope that the election of 2012 helps solve this problem (I'm a supporter of Ron Paul all the way, but if we don't clean up ALL of Washington, nothing can get done). I doubt, however, that the election will be able to change much at all...

Thoughts on the current state of affairs in the US?


  1. That OWS arresting and most things surrounding it is pretty messed up, hopefully some kind of communication between both parties can be set up to make it a bit more civilized. I'm all for letting everyone have their say, it hopefully doesn't have to be violent though.

  2. I'm no politic buff, but America's future isn't looking too sunny :(

  3. I'm trying to pass the word on the NDAA, but guess what? no one cares. it's really sad.

    oh well, as long as there are tv shows, huh?

  4. I don't think this is right. Our government and law enforcement are supposed to be here for the people...

  5. Hopefully Infiniteplans, but i doubt it :(
    Joey: Indeed. :/
    Vulcan Raven: Same situation here. I have like 2 people I personally know who have paid any attention to it and me informing them
    BragonDorn: Precisely, but they're here against the people anymore, it seems.

  6. I don't know it, very interesting post :) following :)

  7. choms: Glad to know there's another person in the loop. Please be sure to check out my article on SOPA as well, and write your congressmen on that one. We still have a chance to stop that one before it's passed.

  8. Very strange things are always happening in New York. I went there for a fieldtrip before back when I was younger and i saw a clown randomly sitting by a fountain crying. It was pretty messed up.

  9. 2012 is looking to be an interesting year. It may not reach a spontaneous cataclysmic end, but there is definitely something electric in the air that seems to be making everyone restless (OWS, Arab Spring, Eurozone financial riots, SOPA and NDAA, etc.)

  10. I still haven't gotten a chance to make it out there myself bragondorn :P
    Alex Rowe: I'm getting the same vibe. I personally am excited to see if the people are still capable of standing up for themselves to domestic threats such as an out of control government, and will gladly stand with fellow Americans if it comes down to it

  11. I've heard so much about this NDAA... It sounds so evil!

  12. J: It *could* have good intentions, but this leaves WAY too much room for destructive uses!

    Anonblog: Thanks man! I'll go ahead and follow you!