Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Love on a Train (Part 1)

It's happened to all of us. That moment of eye-contact, completely accidental, with a girl on a jam-packed train, bus, or street that leaves you speechless. No, I'm not making a post to complain about obese or creepy women. I'm talking about one of those girls that you feel like is a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. She's all you can think of for the next couple weeks, and you feel as though you could never love anybody else! Blissfully ignorant, yes, but damn, if that feeling isn't crushing and crazy idea inducing at the same time.

First, a tid-bit of backstory. It was Thursday, a nice fall afternoon, when I came home and was digging through the refrigerator, starving as I always am in late afternoon, when my dad phoned me. A friend he works with was a St. Louis Blues (Hockey Team) season ticket holder, and was giving us his two tickets for the night if we wanted them. Honestly, I am not a sports person at all, and view them as a complete waste of time and money, but still enjoy going to the stadium to experience a game, typically baseball, every now and again. I'd never watched a full hockey game, much less been to one, but I knew that the game could get intense with fights potentially breaking out (Sounds like a fun time to me!), so I figured what the hell, and said that I would go. Later that evening, we carpooled in his truck to Taco Bell and then to the metro-link (which is an electric train that connects major stops in the St. Louis area), and were on our way.

We arrived there, and I realized St. Louis was playing against Los Angeles, one of the cities I'm considering making a move to in the near future. I figured that I'd cheer for the opposing team. Why not have a little bit of fun with the game? I mean, I couldn't be the only LA fan out of thousands of people, right? Wrong. As the players took to the ice, I realized I was one of maybe a dozen or so people who cheered for LA. At this point, I began getting the stink-eye from everybody around our table. I realized at this point... This experience could be pretty fun. Throughout the game, I faked that I was actually interested in this game, and cheered LA as loudly as I could, all while boo'ing St. Louis. I'm a St. Louis boy at heart, but it's a game, why not have fun? Towards the end, my dad said he would likely never go to a sporting event with me again, but it was worth it. I don't go to these things very often anyways! Being one of the only LA supporters in the arena, I'm pretty sure I pushed them to victory with my screams of support that echoed out through the silence when they were doing well. They beat St. Louis by 1 goal, and we left with me feeling as though I had contributed to the game. (A side note: I discovered a few days later that the people to my left were friends of the season ticket holder we got our tickets from, and seem to have permanently moved their seats!)

Now we reach the part of the story that truly matters... Her. In my time I spent away from my seat hitting the bathroom or getting water, I noticed: Hockey games have an exceptionally high concentration of extremely hot babes. (Those of you on the hunt for some hotties – they're the place to go!) Thanks to this excellent observation, I activated my chick radar, and watched out for cute girls without boyfriends. We left the arena, and reached the Metrolink platform without incident (Typically, homeless men and beggars line the way to the platform, but oddly enough, not this night). This is when I saw her.


(To be continued in Part 2)


  1. The story was a bit hard to follow but I got there in the end. I'm with you on the waste of time and money but since it was for free, I would have taken it no questions asked!

    On to part 2.

  2. Sorry for any confusion! Thanks for reading!